When you are running and ca n’t see the road at night, when you are looking for something in the utility room, or when you are camping at night, I think you need a brightest flashlight. It will make your life more convenient.

brightest flashlight
What to Look For
When it comes to finding a brightest flashlight there are a few aspects that need to be considered. We ’ll list out a few of the aspects we find to be the most important to help you evaluate what is most important to you.

Finding a brightest flashlight that produces enough light for your needs might be the most important factor in flashlight selection. Brightness is measured in lumens. Standard older incandescent style flashlights would typically provide up to 150 lumens but new LED flashlights often start at around 100 and go into the thousands

Run Time
The amount of time a flashlight can remain on before it must be recharged or the batteries need to be replaced. The older incandescent brightest flashlights could run up to 11 hours but LED flashlights can now run for over 100 hours. Finding one that will last the proper amount of time for your need is important.

How well made is the flashlight. Will it break if it happens to slip out of your hand or can you through it against a wall and it will keep trucking along? You want to make sure that the brightest flashlight you choose can handle some abuse before it stops working.

Water Resistant
This can be very important if you think you might get rain while out camping. Can the flashlight get wet without breaking? Can it be submerged in water or does it need to stay dry?

Other than the brightest, Size definitely matters when it comes to flashlights. You might want something that is easy to fit in your pocket or you might want something that has plenty of hand and grip space.

Light Modes
Having the ability to adjust the brightness lever will really come in handy. Having multiple light modes like high, medium, and low, will allow you to adjust the amount of light to your needs as well as prolong the current charge of the batteries

No one likes having to buy new batteries for flashlights. Having a brightest rechargeable flashlight makes it really easy to use your flashlight for years without any extra expenses beyond the initial cost.

Advantages of brightest flashlight
Prevents Accidents
It is very easy to get injured when camping, especially if you are walking in the dark or hiking. A brightest flashlight will come in handy in illuminating gnarled roots, loose rocks and any other object that may end up causing an accident and forcing you to prematurely end your camping trip.

Safety in the Dark
A majority of flashlights are made from aircraft-grade aluminum that is resistant to impact. This makes brightest flashlights a great weapon that will come in handy should you come across an unfortunate encounter with an intruder.

Additionally, a great way to disorient an attacker or an animal in the dark is to shine a brightest light into their eyes. This will give you some time to run or think of how to handle the attack.