‘Tourism is everyone’s business’ is one of the famous sayings in Vanuatu. Today, the authorities are set to take it beyond the confines of a maxim.

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It is interesting to note that over 18 per cent of Vanuatu’s GDP and around 14 per cent of the country’s direct employment comes from the tourism sector. Therefore, the government has of late come up with a host of measures, one being shifting focus on the outer islands of Vanuatu.

A Shift in the Patterns of Traditional Tourism
Earlier, it is significant to note, the country’s tourism industry was focused on a specific niche of tourists on their Vanuatu Holidays. This included those who preferred staying in resorts and spas.

However, with the publication of the International Visitors’ Survey, it was found that there is immense scope in such areas as eco-tourism, soft adventure and cultural exploits. In consequence, there has been a shift in focus on the outer islands of the country.

A Range of Fleet Expansion Plans for 2020
Intending to increase outreach to the outer islands of the country, Vanuatu’s national carrier has come up with a slew of fleet expansion plans. There have been plans to increase the number of regular flights to the core markets of the nation for more inclusive and sustainable development.

However, there are challenges to the same. Those on their maiden Vanuatu Holidays would find it surprising that tourism is not woven into the cultural fabric of the country. Any productive measure is, therefore, meant to ‘acquire’ the contours of standard tourism as profoundly as possible.

In the backdrop of the ever-rising significance of tourism in Vanuatu, it is all the more significant to adopt effective measures to make tourism a true cultural phenomenon in the country.

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