This women’s day, Platinum Evara with its range of exquisite designs in rare platinum, celebrate the brides of today who believe in staying true to themselves and their values. Every design is an ode to this spirit of the woman of today.

Platinum Evara brings out a strong case through their latest campaign #NotAnIdealBride on why a bride should not compromise or let go of her beliefs and value system once married, just to fit into the society’s constructof an ideal bride. “#NotAnIdealBride” emerges as an unconventional campaign encouraging and celebrating brides who hold fast their rare values and carry them forward into their new life. It pays tribute to those who have chosen the rare path of staying true to themselves after the wedding, even if that means being called #NotAnIdealBride by the society. And what better than platinum, one of the rarest metals to exist on this planet to celebrate this with.

Every girl is raised with core principles, nurturing her own dreams, goals and aspirations. However, once married, she is expected to compromise, to relinquish her individuality, her values, her dreams, to focus on her new life and the responsibilities that ensue. What were once values, are now viewed as vice. #NotAnIdealBride challenges that perspective and breathes a new lease of life to the true identity of the modern Indian bride with Platinum Evara paving the way. As part of the campaign, the brand has introduced an innovation in the form of a microsite where brides-to-be can engage with and explore what society would label them and their values once the filter of marriage is added – they can choose the values that best definethem and see how the same value is then misconstrued by society, post marriage.

The Platinum Evara collection is a thoughtful dedication to women who choose the rare path of staying true to themselves and their values even after the wedding.Because women like them should be celebrated with a metal as rare as platinum.

The pieces incorporate various interesting design elements and every piece in this collection is a true celebration of womanhood!
1) Elegant set of platinum bracelet and earrings with blooming floral motifs
2) A statement necklace-earring set in platinum inspired by dew drops
3) Platinum necklace earring set with circular motifs
4) Platinum bracelet and earring set in a contemporary two-tone setting

Explore more designs from the collection, available at leading jewellery retail stores across India.

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