The Temtem Saipark is available now, and Temtem Pansun is the first new bit of endgame tamers since the game went into access. If you’re a fan, you will quickly recognize the inspiration for the Temtem Saipark. Just like the rest of Temtem, programmer CremaGames has set its flourishes on the way it works.

The Saipark – an in-universe character preserve – will comprise only two different species of Temtem at one time. Which species it holds will change on a program; we are starting off with the owl Barnshe along with the deer that is aquatic, uh, entity Oceara. Temtem caught in the Saipark may have special attributes, such as special egg moves or minimum starting values for their stats (SVs). This time it’s climbed Temtem Luma rates, which makes your opportunities to catch one of the specially colored creatures 1 at 4,000 rather than 1 at 8,000.

To get into the Saipark, you will want to pay an initial fee that will differ from week to week. This time it’s 3,500 pansuns, and that entry fee will come with an original package of five Saicards. You didn’t think you’d have the ability to use Temcards that is ordinary in the park, right? You are able to purchase Saicards if you want them, but the cost will get more and more costly for every new pack of cards that you buy. You will be glad you’ve got extras when your capture attempt that is fifth shakes off in a row.

The Saipark is situated in Deniz off the Prasine Coast in which your Temtem adventure started. You will need the hook of Temtem Pansun buy to join the zone, which means you have to finish the narrative campaign (or as much of it because there’s right now) to get in the Saipark. See what else is on how to our manual the best upcoming games of 2020.