There are 83 people in total who are infected with the novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Saturday. On Friday, several states across India went into battle mode to contain the spread of COVID-19.
India’s travel bans were triggered by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) decision to declare Covid-19 as a pandemic after the global death toll rose to over 4,000.
Many states went into battle mode to contain the spread of virus, shutting down schools, colleges and theatres. Many public events, including the cash-rich IPL were postponed.
Number of coronavirus-related deaths in mainland China on Friday rose to 3,189, up by 13 from the previous day.
The scare has forced the closure of schools and colleges in many parts of the country. In Delhi-NCR, primary schools have been closed till March 31.
It is the third day when the students of Classes X and XII (Session 2020-21) of Ajanta Public School, Sector 31 Gurugram, have been stopped from attending school. Though they are quarantined due to the increasing threat from COVID-19.
Principal, Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor said – I ensured that the regular education of the students don’t get hampered by their non- attendance in the school. “The ultimate aim of education should be met in all respect. Situations are mere excuses to deviate us from our aim. If we are determined, we can always mitigate a problem through our ingenuity; no matter how grappling the conditions may be. We strictly followed guidelines given by WHO to maintain hygiene against COVID19.”
Regular classes since 12th March 2020 have been carried out smoothly by the subject teachers through Microsoft Teams in the same pace as in school. Technology has made it possible to hold virtual classrooms, wherein the students have become part of the conversation with their teachers in real time, just like in a class. Though they have been restricted to their homes but in accordance to a set timetable they have been online to attend their classes. Subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Psychology, Social Science and even Hindi have been easily taught by the facilitators through Microsoft Teams.
Malls, theatres, offices may end up bowing down infront of COVID-19, but teachers of Ajanta will brave all oddities and continue in their mission of imparting knowledge with technology by their side.