Tiles are traditionally used for decorating a bathroom or kitchen. However, tiling a living room space can create a contemporary, sleek & elegant look, by adding texture which is prevalent in today’s style of decor. At the same time, it can add to a cosy but spacious space, creating a relaxing feel in the room.

It’s unsurprising that in recent trends, there has been a spike in the amount of people using tiles as part of their living room interior design, since tiles are unrivalled in the benefits they offer in comparison to other flooring options – providing versatility, durability & practicality which is rare to find in other types of flooring.

Direct Tiling Group, an established tiling company in London have shared how they use tiles in living room spaces to create a unique design, including constructing a feature wall, using tiles as flooring & the effects created by different types of tiles.

Let’s take a look at these in greater depth:

Creating a feature wall with tiles:
Although it was previously thought that in order to create a feature in your living room with tiles is through a fireplace, however this is not the case. In fact, tiles can effectively transform any prominent wall in your property into a feature wall which showcases your beautiful tiles.

Lay wooden-effect tiles:
Wooden flooring is great for creating a cosy, unique & stylish look for a living room floor, however many people are off-put by the tiring upkeep of maintaining wooden flooring. Wooden-effect tiles are a great compromise. Given an expansive range to choose from, wooden tiles provide varying designs, ensuring you’ll find a tile which matches your design preference. Not only will you be able to re-create the same design impact as wooden flooring, tiles are more practical, hard-wearing & cheaper to use.

Creating a cosy design:
Even though tiles are made from hard, inflexible & natural cool material, tiles can still create a modern but cosy design for your living room. As we previously mentioned, tiles come in virtually endless designs, varying on tone, colour & texture which ultimately construct the tiles design, therefore constructing a modern & sleek design is easily achieved. In terms of adding warmth to your tiles within your living room,

there are lot’s of ways you can do this:

Use a rug to add comfort to your tiled flooring
Install underfloor heating, which porcelain tiles work best with, to add warmth to your living room.

An organic design:
In order to create a unique & organic look within your living room – natural stones can effectively achieve this. Natural stone tiles, such as slate is a timeless piece of interior design & used within your living room will effectively create an edgy design, establishing a raw & organic look for your space. The only notable drawback of using slate tiles is that they are pricey, being relatively expensive by comparison to other types of tiles, such as porcelain & ceramic tiles.

Our thoughts?
Ultimately, the design options for tiles are seamlessly endless, making finding a tile which matches your design & budget preferences. Effectively, if you thoughtfully incorporate these tiles into your living rooms design you can establish a truly stunning design. Regardless of the tiles you do choose for your space, ensure they are laid correctly in order to maximise the effectiveness of tiles in your living room.