MsgClub for Startups

Startups are the fast-growing businesses seeking a responsive platform to achieve target markets. Keeping such crucial requirements of the startups in view, Msgclub has customized some unique marketing solutions that allow any startup to send important business information to thousands of clients and potential customers, at the same time. Our solution includes services like Bulk SMS for startups, also Voice SMS, Missed call alerts, URL Shortener and much more. Msgclub offers a one-stop solution to deliver all mobile marketing and communication needs of a startup or any other business.

How Bulk SMS services benefit startups?

In order to achieve greater results and enhance the scalability of the business, startups tend to seek their solution from a source that can eliminate all their problems and fulfill all your requirements at once. MsgClub’s customized solutions enable such startups to send numerous promotional and other messages to their audience, in efforts to turn them into potential customers.

Why startups require Bulk Messages

We, at MsgClub, understand that a Startup requires a lot more than just an SMS. We are committed to delivering the best in class services, which in turn will become the root cause of obtaining desired outcomes. The basic motive of our Bulk SMS service for startups is to spark a sense of recognition in receivers. With the help of our services, startups can create awareness for their brand in the minds of their customers or potential customers. Target specific SMS campaigns create brand awareness and encourage the audience at large to buy your product/services.

Other services for Startups

Websites for Startups

Our finest designing team is highly capable of developing superior class websites for startups or otherwise. In this digitally competitive market, a website is a first and foremost requirement for any startup. With our ‘Website for Startups’ plan, startups can make their presence feel and leave their mark in their audience’s memory. Startups can obtain the ready website with free of cost hosting for 1 year, which originally cost more than INR 15,000.

Long Code Keyword for Startups

For startups, lead generation is an essential feature as any other. And startups can collect leads through our Long code keyword. We can provide a dedicated long code keyword of your own Brand name for lead generation. This facility is also available free of cost for 1 year for Startups. Separately it costs more than INR 5,000.

SMS for Client Registration and Sending Info

We also provide 5000 SMS for free to startups every month. They can use these messages for OTP and Transactional purposes only, which saves a lot of money and help in spreading any business-related information via SMS.

Bulk SMS for Startups

Since the beginning, MsgClub has amplified its reach in SMS marketing to facilitate all businesses whether it’s a startup or small or large scale industries. However, there are diverse uses of Bulk SMS services and MsgClub has established itself as a well-known provider, and broadly popular for its speed and quality services that can be easily accessible on our cutting edge SMS gateway with our premium services like bulk SMS for startups and other business along. Our strong network supports all operators in India but we can also deal with international SMS service if the client requires so.