Adirondack Networks Inc. focuses on providing IT hardware and software solutions to a wide range of technologically driven industries.

Utica, NY–Mar 12, 2020– Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge,today announced the participation of Adirondack Networks Inc., a global leading reseller of IT hardware and services, in Zebra’s Partner Connect program.Adirondack Networks Inc.focuses on providing IT hardware and software solutions to a wide range of technologically driven industries.

Adirondack Networks Inc. chose Zebra because they are a pioneer at the edge of the mobile enterprise products, software, services, analytics and mobile computing.

“Zebra can help us to provide industry-tailored solutions that help our customers capture their edge in mobile computing solutions,”according to an Adirondack Networks’ representative. The Partner Connect Program is designed to evolve the best of Zebra’s award-winning inclusive channel ecosystem, addressing the needs of distributors, ISVs and resellers, providing opportunities for growth and meeting customer and market demands.

By participating in Partner Connect, Adirondack Networks Inc. gains access to an innovative portfolio of mobile computers, printers, barcode scanners, tablets and accessories, along with comprehensive training, extensive marketing, sales and technical benefits.

The Partner Connect program is a global network that provides Adirondack Networks Inc.access to industry-leading solutions, training and tools that aim to differentiate,offer opportunities for collaboration and help improve customer satisfaction.

About Adirondack Networks Inc.
Adirondack Networks specializes in the resale and purchase of IT equipment from topleading manufacturers. Through their unique global network of partners, Adirondack NetworksInc is able to deliver products more efficiently and cost effective than mainline distribution. As a company with 25+ years of market knowledge, Adirondack Networks understandsthe most current IT requirements.Adirondack Networks provides customers the ability to custom-configure and integrate systems, while providing unmatched support.
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