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If you are planning to buy a Linux VPS service, you should know what should you consider? Here we will give all the information.

How to choose a dedicated server? Well, we are talking about a very advanced service, so the choice is more complex than that of shared hosting or VPS, for example.

There are more aspects and characteristics that must be observed. The initial step is to understand what type of dedicated server is most interesting for your business.

Dedicated managed server or dedicated unmanaged server:

As well as a cheap VPS, the dedicated server is offered in more than one way, which allows satisfying the needs and tastes of different types of users. Look at the characteristics of each of them:

Managed dedicated server: It is also offered as dedicated hosting. It is a way to offer dedicated resources without neglecting the practicality of management, performed by the hosting provider.

Dedicated server not managed: You are responsible for all server management from access through the command-line interface (Linux) and work area (Windows).

Users with more experience usually opt for the unmanaged dedicated server, but this alternative requires a fairly developed technical knowledge to manage the server.

On the other hand, who wants practicality ends up choosing a dedicated server managed with the intention of worrying less about activities related to server administration.

Datacenter specifications:

The data center is the environment where the dedicated server hosting will be installed and stored. The hosting company has full responsibility for the infrastructure and must ensure proper operation.

Hardware and software resources:

Both the software and the dedicated server hardware need to be verified with great care and attention, to meet the demands of the application.

In this way, it is essential to know each part of the team well, understand its function and what affects it both in terms of usability of the server and in terms of site performance.

Network resources:

It is not productive to hire a dedicated server if it is unavailable or with a weak connection on a frequent basis.

Without Internet and network resources to keep the server accessible throughout the day, the entire function of the software and hardware is wasted.

Thus, it is essential to analyze whether the server’s the Internet and network specifications meet the real needs of the application that will be hosted.

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