New competition that offers entrepreneurs and businesses the chance to win a USD$ 100,000 prize money, advice and professional services.

Nano Medicevo (ISIN: JP3630033300), a privately-held medical company that offers products and services to advance the entire medical treatment process from diagnosis to post treatment care, is pleased to announce that is backing a new competition that offers entrepreneurs and businesses in Japan, the chance to win a USD$ 100,000 prize money, advice and professional services to help launch a new innovative idea, product or service business internationally.

The competition seeks to encourage exports from Japan and is part funded by the Japan Investment & Development Fund. The competition aims to nurture applicants along the road to export, encouraging them to be international, generating substantial international sales from the early stages of their business development.

Seigo M. Iwasaki, President and CEO of Nano Medicevo comments, “International trade can fuel profound changes, not just for individual businesses, but also for the whole economy and this has to be a key way for the region to drive itself out of recession. International trade boosts productivity: exporters account for much of the overall productivity growth, and it drives innovation and R&D.”

As a company that achieves a large part of its sales from exports, Nano Medicevo is supporting the initiative as an ambassador and will also host several of the auditions.

Hideaki Uehara, a General Manager within Nano Medicevo who is responsible for business development in ten of its overseas subsidiary operations, said, “Nano Medicevo was itself an international firm from the start with export markets helping to generate growth. A key ingredient of our success has been the commitment to high quality technical and commercial support in all export markets. We hope that our success helps to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

The competition seeks in particular to support products that will have a positive impact on society and contribute to the world’s long-term sustainability. All applicants will be encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their business idea and demonstrate how they plan to operate as sustainably as possible.

About Nano Medicevo
Nano Medicevo is a privately-held medical company focused on developing advanced surgery systems and miniaturized robots for general surgery procedures. Nano Medicevo has set out to transform robot-assisted surgery, with proprietary technology that has the potential to far surpass today’s best solutions. Providing unprecedented access and maneuverability, the Nano Medicevo’s NanoPrecision™ Robotic Surgical System features miniature, humanoid-shaped robotic arms with human dexterity, superhuman flexibility, and 360˚ articulation for various access configurations. Nano Medicevo Surgery Systems’ mission is to innovate, support and simplify illness fighting solutions everywhere so we can realize our vision of living in a disease-free world.