In order to aid the enterprises who seek multi-purpose solution to fulfill all their business requirements related to the security of their system, MsgClub has come up with a dynamic OTP SMS Gateway, as a tool that can be used in various business industries irrespective of their size or nature of business. Right from mobile verification to the two-factor authentication, our advanced OTP message solution allows us to generate and maintain one-time passwords at our end. We are fully equipped with all the latest features to fulfill all your authentication & verification requirements.

MsgClub’s exclusive OTP SMS Gateway

Our advanced OTP SMS gateway is well equipped with features like content customization, the customizable expiry time for a password, and the additional feature which allows you to design your own one-time password and much more. This is a versatile tool that can cater to any enterprise for any kind of OTP SMS requirement.

Features available with MsgClub OTP Generation-

Customization of the Content

Simple content

Our user-friendly panel enables you to draft a default message content and send to your users. Whenever a request is raised from a user’s mobile number for OTP generation, our system generates OTP and send it to that mobile number with your drafted message and set as a default.

For instance- Dear customer, we’ve received your request for OTP generation for login. Your OTP is 123456. Please do not share your OTP with anyone.

Personalized content

This particular feature permits you to provide your users with a personalized touch while sending an OTP. Here, the system receives the name of the user along with their mobile number while OTP is requested. Then the system generates OTP and sends it to the user with personalized content.

Example- Dear XYZ, thank you for registering with us. Please use OTP 123456 to complete the mobile verification process. Please do not share your OTP with anyone. We never ask or call for OTP.

Attach OTP in the end

The entire message content is provided by our client. The system generates OTP and appends it with the provided message content.

For example- Thank you Suhas for completing the registration with our company. Your OTP is 123456.

Set expiry-time for OTP

Default expiry time

Our clients can set up a default expiry time of OTP for all OTP request. Depending on their choice, it can be 1 minute or 2 minutes. And once the OTP is expired the system will not verify the request.

Personalized expiry time

Our users can set a specific expiry time of OTP for each request. If the API is being used for more than one process, then individual expiry time can be set for each process.

For example- For processes like registration or verification, expiry time can be set as 1 minute and for processes like balance inquiry or balance transfer, expiry time can be set as 2 minutes.

Design your OTP

OTP text type

You can select the type of OTP as Numeric (123456), Alphabetic (qwerty), Special Characters (!@#$%*) or a combination of any of these (123@abc, a1b2c3).

Customize OTP size

You can also select the length of OTP like-
4 Character- 1234
5 Character- 12345
6 Character- 123456


Whether you’re a developer, a tech-savvy or a non-technocrat person, it takes no effort to integrate our Bulk SMS API PHP with your software. Our PHP SMS API is very simple to integrate with software like Sales software, Accounting software, Management software, HR software, E-commerce websites, Email marketing software, XRMS, and CRM software.