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When excellence meets proficiency, magic happens! Similarly, at the joint replacement center of Dr. Divyanshu Goyal magic happens after hip replacement surgery. He is one of the most adept Joint Replacement & Orthopedic Surgeons of present-day, predominantly underlines this fact. His elaborate study in orthopedics and prolonged practice as a Top Orthopedic Doctor in Indore are enough to portray his experience & expertise. However, one aspect that makes Dr. Divyanshu Goyal stand out from many others is his extraordinary prowess to handle even the most complex and unbelievable cases of patients.

He is proud to become a part of the leading center- SNG Hospital for Hip Replacement in Indore and his expertise in two main types of hip replacement surgery with advanced surgical techniques will make him a trusted and prominent surgeon.

Total Hip Replacement

In a total hip replacement, part of the thigh bone including the femur is removed and a new, smaller artificial ball is fixed into the rest of the thigh bone. The surface of the existing socket in the patient’s pelvis is roughened to accept a new component that will join up with the new ball component.

Surgeons fix artificial joint components into the bone with acrylic cement, However, if cement isn’t used, the surfaces of the artificial implant are roughened to encourage bone to grow onto them. Bone is a living substance, and as long as it’s strong and healthy, it will continue to renew itself over time and provide a long-lasting bond in the joints. Where only one part of the hip is fixed with cement, it is known as a hybrid hip replacement.

The artificial replacement parts can be made up of plastic, metal or ceramic and are used in different combinations during hip replacement surgery.

Metal-on-plastic (a metal ball with a plastic socket) is the most widely used combination of hip replacement surgeons.

Ceramic-on-plastic (a ceramic ball with a plastic socket) is often used in younger people, more active patients.

Ceramic-on-ceramic (a ceramic ball with a ceramic socket) is used occasionally or in special cases in younger, more active patients.

Hip Resurfacing Cost

The starting Hip Resurfacing Cost in Indore is USA 5,700 which is far less in comparison to the cost of treatment in other countries like the US & UK, where the treatment starts at 18,000 dollars. If you have made-claim you can save considerably availing the hip resurfacing treatment in India despite including medicine and hospital room expenses.

Also, the success of hip resurfacing surgeries through the best surgeon is 95%.

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