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Stewart will be leading Jagex’s outreach to outside RS gold while searching for investment, retail and licensing opportunities for Jagex’s corporate portfolio.

Anna Mostyn-Williams has joined Jagex as Director of Publishing Partnerships. Anna will be top on Jagex’s outreach and relationships with stage, distribution and marketing partners.

Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO, stated: With the substantial talent we’re ready to continuously bring to Jagex, it’s very clear that big things lie ahead for the studio as we approach our 20th Anniversary of RuneScape. We recognise the importance of investing in superb talent, with 100 new hires welcomed to Jagex in 2019 alone, we’ve witnessed a record-breaking year whilst hitting exciting milestones, and we plan to continue to build our talent pool through 2020 and beyond.

These new appointments come as Jagex announces an additional all-time high for its RuneScape franchise. RuneScape and Old School RuneScape combined achieved their highest-ever membership peak in 2019, with more than 1.1million players taking advantage of subscription packages that provides exclusive quests and content within an expanded game world. For more gaming information check out our site right HERE.

Few games can claim the fame which Jagex’s RuneScape has made. Despite being published over 19 years ago, RuneScape is still amazingly prolific and keeps a player base that could rival even the biggest modern games. The transformation which to buy OSRS GP RuneScape has observed is a part of its constant popularity. They allowed the original game to branch into RuneScape two and published a classic version of the sport in 2013 as Old School RuneScape.