EasyOMS 3.0 is a culmination of 3 years of effort working with some of the most successful DTC brands in India.

EasyOMS provides DTC brands with an integrated platform to manage integrate their inventory in the cloud and manage their multi-channel sales. EasyOMS comes with powerful OMS features to manage unified order fulfillment and handle complex supply chain requirements for cross border dropshipping.

Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands are disrupting the traditional retail supply chain. By using modern technologies and methods, they are cutting the middleman and reaching out directly to consumers. DTC brands are agile and adapt better to consumer requirements since they are directly in touch with the consumer and understand the pulse of the consumer.

But in current world DTC are discovering that they need to go multi-channel to be able to connect with their customer where they hang out. Consumers today are multi-channel and its therefore important for DTC brands to go multi-channel to make sure they are discovered by consumers.

But selling in multi-channel is challenging. DTC brands require a strong technology backbone to cater to the demands of multi-channel selling. EasyOMS provides DTC brands the platform to run and manage their multi-channel sales.

EasyOMS comes with following features specially designed to help DTC brands:
● Unify Inventory management and sync across online sales channels.
● Centralized order fulfillment
● Shipment & Return tracking
● Payment tracking
● Cloud Point of Sale
● Dropping Module
● Multi-currency
● Vendor management
● Unified customer management

About Easyops
Easyops is a cloud-based retail solution that helps DTC brands run their retail business efficiently.

Our Mission
To empower retailers with a platform that enables them to convert their existing business for the new age retail. We want to be the platform that enables retailers to power their retail solutions across multiple outlets.