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Landhausdielen have been presented as a modern decorating trend, ideal for any home environment. But if we go a little deeper into its history, bamboo has been used for the construction of floors for many centuries in the area of Asia where these plants are originally harvested.

But currently, the ecological and natural decoration has positioned itself as a very important trend and for this reason, we have chosen bamboo as the best material to manufacture floors since this plant is abundant in the Asian jungles and after the cut, it grows again in a way very fast being that, when implementing it in interior decoration, we do not cause any damage to the environment.

The great advantage that bambusarbeitsplatte offers us over the other options we have within our reach is resistance. Always speaking of original bamboo since there are floors in a material similar to veneered wood that is not able to maintain their properties against negative factors.

But, in the case of bamboo floors, these have no disadvantages of being in contact with water or being installed in humid areas because of the natural qualities they remain in an excellent state despite the fact that these harmful factors are circling by the environment.

It is for this reason that klick parkette can be used without problems in bathrooms and kitchen giving it a much more fresh and natural look.

If you have always thought about the idea of covering your floor with wood, accept the advice of a professional and opt for bamboo floors since they are the most resistant and also, the appeal they offer is much greater.

But for bamboo floors to have a long duration as presumed, it is necessary to take some care. It is nothing that requires a lot of work, not much time but simply some care that will allow you to wear a bamboo floor in good condition for a much longer time.

Here are some tips to take care of bamboo floors:

– Do not use rubber mats. Bamboo is a wood that, like any other, needs to be able to ventilate and breathe properly. A rubber mat will cover all your pores and clog the air so they will gradually lose their color.

– Do not place heavy furniture and do not drag them. It is best to avoid that furniture with too much weight since they can damage the wood and also, never drag the furniture to move them because it will cause scratches and wear.