At Juvi Design, we are offering jewelry for every occasion. Our jewelry is a perfect option for any particular moment. Our ornaments are the best options of capturing the memory, something important. We are capable of creating the collections with forever in mind. Our every piece is a story brought handmade, sparked by stimulation from the most beautiful places on this attractive Earth. However, the real story starts the moment you wear your piece of Juvi and its energies for the first time – that’s the moment our craft develops your account.
Our 9ct gold jewellery inspired by travel, the feeling of adventure, and the attractiveness in nature. All of our collections inspired by an angle of the world that holds a special place in our hearts. We are so caring for every step of our artistic process, from drawing designs to crafting pieces in our workshop. We work with people on the ground and forge relations around the world with craftspeople who have periods of experience with local jewels.
We watch our selected stones go through the steps of cutting, faceting, and improving.

So much care is put into this process, as these stones will take center stage in the jewelry we design when we arrive home to our studio in Dublin. Our designer’s beautiful crafter silver jewellery for every occasion. We are working on your prospects of being as proper as possible. We use the premium German plating machinery and solutions at our committed plating room at our workshop.

We are very sensible of your ecological concerns – they are our concerns too, so we are working hard to make as many personalisation elements of our packaging recyclable as possible. If you are a real Juvi fan and don’t need additional jewels boxes, bags, or booklets with your order, we are happy to send you a low-impact ecologically friendly envelope.
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