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Andrew Sobko explains that he meets Rudy Giuliani for discussing business.

Something interesting at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach in December 2019. The interesting thing was the two people who sat on the patio of the hotel. They were known as Rudy Giuliani and Andrew Sobko. Rudy Guiliani is the attorney of President Donald Trump, whereas Andrew Sobko is the tech CEO. It was not an ordinary vacation, and they seemed to have discussed something important. Based on photos, it seems that Sobko presented something by using his gadget. Indeed, the slideshow on the gadget also became one of the most interesting things to discuss. Seemingly, the slideshow is about shipping, transportation, and logistics.

Most experts assume that the discussion was more than just a business matter. Some of them believed that the discussion was related to the President’s impeachment. On the other hand, Sobko tried to know more about government authorities. Moreover, it is not the first time Giuliani is traveling abroad. Previously, Rudy Guiliani has been traveling to Kyiv. The same issue appears related to his traveling. It is believed that it is related to the plan to get impeachment for President Donald Trump. Due to the news, Sobko said that he wanted to get valuable things about business matters. Sobko added that he wanted to know how to build a more profitable business. Nowadays, Andrew Sobko is developing a transportation business in Chicago, Illinois. Andrew tries to tackle the issue by showing his second meeting with Giuliani. The second meeting was at the Marriott in West Palm Beach in January 2020. He said that the latest meeting discussed the trade deals in the world. The meeting was also related to the strategic policies in running a business in the world, especially on transportation and assembling businesses. Andrew Sobko just wants to learn more about the way to manage his business well. He realizes that today’s market is changing rapidly, and he wants to know how to handle it well and create a profitable business.

His statement stresses that there is no discussion on politics in the meeting. There is no confirmation from Rudy Giuliani, and both of them confirm the meeting through photos from the media and journalists. Due to privacy, journalists can’t explore more about the meeting and the discussion topic. We just have to wait for further information and the development of the business. As a CEO, Sobko gets used to developing business, and it will be great if it is a real business discussion.