What exactly is a credit report specialist? At Cook Law we would argue that it is a law firm or attorney who knows the credit reporting laws, is competent in how credit scoring works and has experience in suing the credit bureaus and furnishers.
Fixing your credit is an easy process that takes time. Make timely payments, pay down your debt, do not apply for a bunch of loans or lines of credit and make sure your debt to income ratio is reasonable. Debt to income ration means the amount of credit available to you compared to the amount you use. For example, if you have a credit card with only a five-hundred dollar balance and spend five-hundred dollars a month then this will hurt your credit. You are spending one-hundred percent of your available credit limit. However, if you have a credit card with five-thousand for a line of credit and only spend five-hundred a month then this helps your credit because you are only using ten percent of your available credit.
If you have negative accounts on your credit report that need removed, you do not need a credit report specialist to get these items off as you can do it yourself. You need to find what is inaccurate about these items. For example, an account was paid, the balance is too high, does not belong to you, account is too old, etc. You will need to obtain written proof of these credit reporting errors. A lawyer can help you write dispute letters to the credit bureaus to get these derogatory accounts fixed. If the bureaus do not fix the credit reporting errors then a lawyer will file a lawsuit against the credit bureaus and furnishers to get the items corrected.
If the accounts are hurting your credit but are accurate then there is not a credit report specialist in the world who can help. You could write dispute letters yourself to the credit bureaus and hope they will delete the bad accounts, but this will most likely not work. A better option is to start having positive accounts report to your credit report, such a secured credit card. Sometimes it can be beneficial to pay off these derogatory accounts, if and only if, they will delete the account. This is a case by case basis though.
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