Sprout Residential Fund is a reputed real estate firm for tax lien investment. They sell tax lien certificates to their customers based on their requirement. Sprout Residential Fund is specialized in purchasing and selling tax lien of any delinquent property. They have purchased more than thousands of tax liens from tax lien market. Their customer gets maximum profit from tax lien investment fund in Sprout Residential Fund.

Tax lien Certificate

Tax lien Certificate is a legal document which is sold to tax lien investors in tax lien auction. To purchase tax lien certificate an investor should bid on the property with other competitors in the auction. If an investor wins bidding in the tax lien auction he should pay the tax dues of the property at the auction to get the tax lien certificate. The tax lien investor who purchases this certificate will get the interest from the property owner. The property owner is given a period of time to pay all his tax dues and penalties of the delinquent property. If the property owner didn’t pay his tax debt within the redemption period, then the person who owns the tax lien certificate can foreclose the property.

Services Offered

Sprout Residential Fund offer various real estate services like tax lien investment and property flipping services. When a customer purchases a tax lien certificate from them, they will get annual interest rate between eight to twenty four percentages from the property owner. The property flipping and fixing services in Sprout Residential Fund are done in right way by using qualified professional to make a profitable return. Customers can also invest in tax lien on rental properties, so that they will get a stable rental income with appreciation in value from the property.

About Sprout Residential Fund

Sprout Residential Fund is a leading real estate service provider, offering tax lien investment services. They provide various real estate services like fixing and flipping properties and rentals. Sprout Residential Fund have many real estate experts who are having more than 50 years of experience in tax lien investment. All the tax lien certificates are purchased based on their customer needs. They also have preferred investors who gets preferred rate of return on their income based on their performance of the fund invested. To know more information about tax lien investment fund, visit https://sproutfund.co/


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