If you should be looking to purchase an authentic and real marokkanische teppiche, you should buy it from our web store at the best prices. This community brings a normal semi-nomadic life. This Berber people cultivate cereals in the low hills and thus live in temporary dwellings near fertile land. Non-cultivated area is known as easily exploitable. For the remaining portion of the year, these tribes live in tents and transfer using their cattle, mostly herds of sheep and goats.

A hard and moist environment coupled with reduced conditions represents a major concern for these semi-nomadic tribes of the area of the Center Atlas, that are forced to counter the climatic conditions by manufacturing specifically hot, distinctive and multiple-use marokkanisches kleid.

The Beni Ourain group is hence known for their produce of marokkanische berber teppiche with thick heap and knotted of top quality sheep wool, undyed with a principal of bright and black or brown geometric designs. The wool of sheep from the Center Atlas, wherever winters can be very hard, represents a fragile natural substance, really thick and ideal for the produce of Marokkanische Teppiche zu verkaufen, offering both as a hot quilt and as efficiency in nomad tents to safeguard from the cold.

The marokkanischer teppich carpet can be used for asleep as a soft mattress. Tribes occasionally heap these Berber mats to make sure they rest on a soft, relaxed bed. Some mats are so large that they may be utilized as beds for the whole family. In the making of marokkanisches kleid mats, the mesh base of which will be thus primarily made from 100% natural sheep’s wool, undyed, normally bright, treatment, black or brown with regards to the shade of the sheep. practical necessities.

This wool of outstanding quality and hence regarded as the heart of the standard carpet requires special interest and care to obtain a Berber carpet of the very thick, relaxed and silky. It is carefully cut, cleaned, softly worked and dry by the ladies of the community who occasionally wait 1 year as well as a couple of years to obtain larger wool with time and perfectly smooth and silky.

Berber teppich carpets are traditionally decorated with symbolic patterns and according to the own worldviews of each of the Moroccan Berber communities. These ethnic patterns are sometimes hard to see but can be more noticeable on the back of the carpet. Visit our website beniouarainoutlet.com/de to know more about marokkanische teppiche.