Springfield, Virginia (webnewswire) March 5, 2020 – Curtis Lumber & Plywood, a Virginia wholesale lumber supplier, recently created a blog educating readers on the types of pressure treated wood and its uses. While not necessary for every project, pressure treated wood can be a smart decision for others.

Pressure treated wood goes through a process that involves high pressure to force a solution of water and preservatives deep into each layer of the lumber. The preservatives used slow decay and resist termites, improving the life of your projects as a result. They can also make the wood fire retardant, as in the case of Exterior Fire-X and Exterior Fire-X BLUE. Micro-Guard lumber and plywood and Copper Azole Treated Lumber are treated against corrosion, termites, and fungal decay, while CCA Rot and Decay Resistant-Treated Plywood has a long history of protecting wood from rot and termites. The type you choose for your project will depend on your specific needs, including your budget, as well as whether the color of the wood is important, as certain types are finished with blue or green tints for identification purposes.

You can use pressure treated wood for any project, though it is particularly beneficial when you are constructing something that will be exposed to strong wind, rain, water, and other elements for extended periods of time. Contractors typically use pressure treated wood for decks and fences, which are subject to constant weather conditions and need to hold up under stress. This wood can also be used for wooden walkways, freshwater docs, accessibility ramps, and even wooden swing sets and pergolas. Though it can be more costly than untreated wood, pressure treated wood can be worth the increased price if you are depending on the longevity and safety of your project for many years to come.

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