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Freelancer Sites are platforms that connect employers and skilled freelancers to accomplish a project. Many freelancer platforms are getting popular these years since the platforms offer a quick solution to get a high-skilled person and accomplish a job promptly at an affordable cost. Business clients commonly use many types of freelance platforms. Five of them include Fiverr, Yoolancer, Teacher, Upwork, and Freelancer. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages in providing jobs. Jobs such as digital marketing, graphic design, arts, photography, photo editing, website design, coding, logo design, and more can be accomplished by skilled people who have joined the freelance platforms. Here are the top Five freelancer marketplace like Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the favorite freelance platforms for people who need freelance services with tight time and budget. For only 5 dollars, they can hire skilled people to do the task. The company is offering a wide range of gigs freelancer such as graphic design, photo-editing, website design, digital marketing, and many more.

Yoolancer is a new freelance platform like Fiverr. Yoolancer is a user-friendly and secure platform for buying and selling online services for both freelancers and employers. The platform offers smooth transactions, and it has many job categories, including digital marketing, graphic design, writing and translation, marketing, business, lifestyle, and more.

Upwork is a freelance platform that has twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients, making it the largest freelance marketplace in the world, beating other competitors. The company is based in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. Business people might find a huge amount of talented freelancers to do their tasks at Upwork.

Guru is an hourly basis freelance service that was established to connect professionals to get the work done. Guru offers the simplest freelance job offers. Simply join the platform for free, post the job, and start receiving quotes from talented and skilled freelancers all around the world.

Freelancer is an Australian crowdsourcing marketplace platform where freelancers can bid on available freelance jobs. With a bidding system, employers can get the best freelancer with the best price. Another interesting feature is a contest for freelancers. With only a small cost, employers can hold a contest for freelancers. Therefore, at the end of the contest, the contest holder can get the best result from the freelancer who enters the contest.