Soft Xpansion, a company that offers PDF developer tools, standard software and DMS & ECM solutions, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Bochum, Germany., March 6, 2020 — This year, soft Xpansion celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company was founded as Maus Software in 1995 in Bochum, Germany. It is still lead by its founders Dr. Juri Stern (Managing Partner) and Michael Kobets (Technical Director). More than 60 permanent employees plus additional freelancers create software for the global market – a PDF SDK for developers, standard applications for end users and individual DMS and ECM solutions for companies. The soft Xpansion group has locations in Bochum, Prague and Vinnitsa (Ukraine).

The PDF Xpansion SDK offers a wide range of modules that allow software developers to implement functionality to create, display and edit PDFs or other digital files directly in their own applications. This also includes features for electronic invoicing (formats ZUGFeRD, FACTUR-X, XRechnung), which gets more and more widespread these days. The SDK is sold through direct sales and by partners like and The Perfect PDF product family of standard applications, created with that SDK, is distributed by partners through retail chain outlets, online shops and in the Microsoft Store. All individual software projects are tailored to the specific clientsŽ requirements and wishes. soft Xpansion develops them on the platforms OpenText Documentum, Office 365, SharePoint, K2 and Alfresco.

SUCCESS STORIES SDK, STANDARD SOFTWARE AND INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS Companies like Amadeus IT Group, DocuWare, HUK Coburg Insurance Group, IQDoQ, Opentext Corporation, STAPRO, ThyssenKrupp and XOS Digital are among the clients of the PDF Xpansion SDK. Individual DMS and ECM solutions have been implemented successfully in more than 100 projects for example for ArcelorMittal, E.ON, Ford, ING Bank, ProCredit Bank Georgian Republic, and a large number of government agencies in the Ukraine. The Perfect PDF standard software, currently available as version 10, is sold globally as well.

SOFT XPANSION GROUP OF COMPANIES IN BOCHUM, PRAGUE & VINNITSA Executive management, the director of the development department and Central European marketing are still situated in Bochum. A few years ago, additional specialized developer teams were merged in a second company (soft Xpansion Ukraine LLC). This company was originally established in Donezk (a Bochum partner city), but had to move west to Vinnitsa in 1994 in order to be safe from the Ukrainian war. The year 2017 then saw the creation of a third company, soft Xpansion Professional Services s.r.o. in Prague. This company is focused on the development and marketing of DMS and ECM solutions for East European markets.

DIVERSIFICATION AND SPECIALIZATION AS SUCCESS FACTORS NO CONTRADICTION Dr. Juri Stern: The IT sector is highly competitive and fast moving, thus a company has to be different in a positive way to be successful. For soft Xpansion, the strategic difference lies in the decision to base its business model on three solid pillars: firstly the PDF tools for software developers, secondly the PDF standard software, and thirdly the DMS and ECM solutions tailored to the customersŽ needs. These solutions benefit from the PDF expertise we acquire in the two other segments: for example, our know-how enables us to use own proven modules in individual features for long-term archiving and for electronic invoicing. Moreover, for digital/digitized documents in general or for eGovernment projects more particularly, we offer a wide range of solutions as well.

About soft Xpansion:
Since its foundation in 1995, soft Xpansion is a specialized software manufacturer with global activities. The product range includes solutions (powerful standard desktop software and apps, innovative software development kits, and flexible, individual programming) in the core areas PDF technology, content/document management and tools. The company looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. The software development expertise covers all steps for standard applications and for individual projects – market and requirement analysis, conceptual design, development, implementation, support and advancements. The clients come from all over the world. soft Xpansion is headquartered in Bochum, Germany.

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