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Anybody looking for superior quality and robust eyewear products for highspeed sports and other applications must try out the collection at Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear.Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear was established in 1993 and is #1 foreyewear thanks to its innovative eyewear styles.

The company is located in Colt Street, Ventura, CA, USA and is exceptionally known for its durable, quality and robust products – they offer perfect highspeed protection. The company is confident about the durability for its products, offering a lifetime warranty. The customer is top priority for the company, so it ensures that it provides a wide range of goggles and sunglasses designed to keep away the dust, sun, snow, bugs, and wind. A quick glance through the website will give you a better look at this company and the different eyewear options it offers.

The portal provides product options for motorcycle, airsoft eyepro, dry eye, industrial safety products and products for all other sports. The products are one of kind.They are comfortable to wear and yet affordable. On a budget? Don’t worry the store understands and does its best to find products in your price range. To stay updated on all the hot offers available from time to time, you can subscribe to the online newsletter option by adding your email to the list.

The store offers a large range of options. The consultants will help you match your prescription to the lenses and help you choose the right frames for your look and personality.

Looking airsoft goggles for glasses? You can wear airsoft goggles over glasses, so explore the product options available with Guard Dogs, as you should find just what you are looking for. If you have questions, contact the store website at

Contact Us:

ADDRESS: Aggressive Eyewear 4848 Colt Street #14 Ventura, CA 93003 USA
Fax: 800-852-0147 or 805-644-7514
HOURS: Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm PST