West Chester, Pennsylvania (webnewswire) March 5, 2020 – Waterproof Caulking & Restoration, a Philadelphia waterproofing company, recently created a blog educating readers on the differences between masonry repair and masonry restoration. Each is used in different circumstances, depending on the damage to your property and your goals.

As weather and time wear away at concrete, brick, and stone, these materials will need maintenance to remain strong. Masonry repair fixes any damage done to the stonework on your property. Generally, these repairs consist of repointing and repairing bulges, cracks, joints, and cracks that have formed between bricks or stones. This service is ideal for homeowners who need a material upgrade or who need significant cleaning to improve the building’s appearance. An experienced contractor will be able to repair historic and modern masonry alike, as each requires its own special handling due to the age, materials, and intricacy of the stonework.

Masonry restoration, by contrast, does not focus on fixing cracks and other damage in the same way. The primary goal of masonry restoration is to return the exterior of your building to its original appearance, though any structural damage to the stonework will also be repaired in the process. This can consist of simply updating, repairing, and polishing existing structures, or it can entail fully replacing walkways and walls with new materials that match the original time period of the building’s creation. During masonry restoration, specialists will remove and replace the mortar between each brick or stone to ensure longevity and security. Like masonry repair, restoration is for building owners who would like to improve the appearance of the building after weather and dirt wear the stone down.

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