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Kid Talk is one of the top organizations dedicated to helping teenagers, children’s and adults to gain the support they need to overcome the issues in their life. Robi Heath is a certified counselor and founder of Kid Talk.

Services offered by Kid Talk

Kid Talk offers various services that range from play therapy, adolescent therapy, EMBR therapy, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, foster care, and adoption, etc.

Play Therapy

In Kid talk, the play therapist provides a suitable environment for children to freely express their thoughts effectively. They provide a room full of toys for children to play and through this play therapy, the therapist facilitates communication; develops positive self-regard, role play, trauma resolution, responsibility, empowerment, healing, etc. In counselling, adults can come and simply express their problems to the therapist but children have their specific language of play. In Kid talk, Play therapist offers various toys for playing to assist children to keep away from bad thoughts and move towards healing. It helps to cure the problems without taking any medicines.

Issues Treat in Play therapy
The therapist from Kid Talk treats various issues of children through play therapy that includes self-esteem, depression, grief and loss, attention problem, life changes, trauma, divorce, domestic violence, development delays, etc.
Techniques used in Play therapy

The therapist from Kid Talk uses various evidence-based therapeutic techniques in play therapy that includes art, music, sand tray, animal-assisted therapy, etc. They involve a parent’s support in the treatment process of a child.
Benefits of attending Play therapy
There are various benefits of attending play therapy that ranges from increase child self-confidence and concentration, highly encourage creativity and imagination, increase social skills and communication skills and help the children to learn from their mistakes.

About Kid Talk
Kid Talk is one of the leading organizations to conduct play therapy in Texas. They help the children to gain a sense of control over the world. They create a safe environment for children to share their thoughts in the best way. To know more details about their therapist and services, visit

6942 W. Main St,
Frisco, Texas 75034
Phone: 972.658.7831