Do you want to become a postpartum doula? New families need so much support in those early months and you can use your skills and your heart to help them get emotional, physical and informational support for a great start!

Doulas by the Bay have started a new Doula school that is an online platform to become a Bay Area Doulas. By purchasing a ticket online for the class you can become a postpartum doula. You become a trained professional doula to help families adjust to their new lives immediately following the birth of their newborn baby.

We have 2 full days hands-on extensive International postpartum doula programs that will accredit interested women with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to start serving families following the birth of their newborn. You will get classroom training as well as hands-on practice that will be taught by our doula expert in the industry, Shakila Marando.

These high-quality classes all meet DONA International’s highest professional standards, which means you will be learning the skills you really need to have to offer excellent service to every family you support.

In our postpartum doula training session, you can expect to learn not only the how-to doula but also why we doula. The course cover evidence-based information about the advantages of doula support to a family, the tender and sensitive time and space when a new family brings home a new baby, the significance of doula support to a family, practical hands-on techniques as well as the guidance to begin a career as a Doula San Francisco.

Shakila has a certification curriculum to help new postpartum doulas feel prepared and confident to work with families during the transition to parenthood.



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