Needless to say, Italy is a country that has a great culture and history on its backs. Buildings as emblematic as the Roman Colosseum or the Tower of Pisa are located here, as well as some of the World’s Best Museums.

But one aspect that we must also take into account is its cuisine, perhaps one of the most international in the world. That is why today, we invite you to discover some typical dishes of Italy that you will love and that you cannot miss trying.

Italian gastronomy: brief introduction:

Italian Food products are one of the most varied in the world. It is highly likely that you have tried several typical Italian dishes, such as pizza or pasta.

But let us tell you that Italian cuisine goes much further. It is full of aromas and has a large number and variety of Mediterranean flavors that remain on our palate so as not to be forgotten. If you are planning to open a restaurant, it is advisable to buy it only from authentic Italian Food suppliers.

Typical dishes from Italy that you can’t miss trying:

1. Pasta:

Pasta is a very versatile food that you can combine with practically everything and ensure a good result. And, if we talk about typical Italian dishes, pasta is certainly one of the undisputed stars. It is claimed that it has been consumed since before Roman times. As you know, it is made from flour and water, although salt and egg are also added, and cooked in boiling water. Buy it from Italian Pasta Suppliers.

2. Pizza:

Who has not enjoyed a good pizza on a Friday night to welcome you to the weekend? It is one of the best-known typical dishes of Italy and one of the most widespread meals worldwide, and the truth is that it is not surprising.

Generally round although they also prepare it square or with more elaborate forms, such as hearts, its dough is made with wheat flour, salt, water, and yeast, although there are currently different variants. If you are looking for authentic pizza bread, get it from Italian Organic Suppliers.

3. Calzone:

Another of the typical dishes of Italy is calzone, which is usually found in pizzerias as a street food option. The main difference from traditional pizza is that the calzone is completely closed, which makes it a stuffed dough. Its filling can be cheese, meat or vegetables. It is being able to cook in the oven or fried. There are also vegetarian or sausage options. In any of its variants, it is exquisite.