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Great customer support begins with actually having staff 24 x 7 or at least for the major part of the day; to assist customers in need of assistance.

You are about to buy a product and then a question enters your mind, you say to yourself; “wait a minute, this is a Chinese product – does it any warranty?”. If the description is silent on the issue the customer will do one of two things; either not buy the item or look for the handy live chat button.

Scene two: A customer has just received a product they purchased but it is not what was expected. The furious customer visits the site and looks for the customer support. In this case, Live chat acts like a safety release valve. The customer support can find out the problem and gently steers the customer towards an acceptable solution of E-commerce Service. Quick redressal ensures that the business retains the customer.

So, Tip 1 is to have a live chat button. Live human support can not only assist a customer during purchase, they can also provide quick redressal and is a great tool to customer retention.

Tip 2 is to use technology to the fullest. Don’t hold back. For example, employ co-browsing app. This permits your customer support to help steer (say) senior citizens who might be technologically challenged. Co-browsing helps to steer them through the site and arrive at the checkout page. For example, a senior citizen trying to buy a customized mug – one where the customer has to upload an image of a certain specification. Said photo to be printed on the mug. The steps involved can be quite challenging and customer support can provide necessary live assistance and ensure the business is not lost.

Tip 3 is to add an intelligent F.A.Q tool. The F.A.Q page could import data from the tracking app on the site and find out what the customer was looking at and therefore, guess what question the customer might have; just like completing your query. Such intelligence not only amazes the customer, it helps to provide quick answers and saves valuable time – especially that of your customer support staff.

Tip 4 is to use trained customer support staff. Quickly recognising the customer’s problem and knowing how to steer a customer to a solution is a huge advantage and helps generate business and retain customers.

Tip 5 is to have adequate customer support staff. Too often one sees a customer left hanging because available customer support staff are busy attending to other customers. Nothing is more irritating to a customer than having to wait endlessly.

Tip 6 is to offer apology for any inconvenience. Online Bookkeeping Businesses need to accept that their customers time is valuable. Any hiccup at the site, can cost the customer valuable time.

At this stage you might wonder where you would get trained customer support from and the cost of it. Well, companies such as have trained virtual staff available for just about anything and moreover, hiring virtual staff is much cheaper than hiring employees.