Jena, 03rd March, 2020 – The multifunctional LEONARDO® DUAL diode laser system from the laser and fiber developer and manufacturer biolitec® is extremely well designed for use in minimally invasive interventions in the field of thoracic surgery and pneumology. Especially during bronchial surgery, coagulation and ablation can be performed simultaneously in the case of endobronchial tumors and stenoses. Furthermore, the removal of bronchial obstructions and fistulas as well as the separation of tracheal stenoses is possible. These procedures can be performed with fixed or flexible bronchoscopes.

The LEONARDO® DUAL 100 from biolitec® is the only laser system on the market that works with two wavelengths. The LEONARDO® lasers can be used both in open surgery and for laser-assisted VATS / Uniportal VATS. During surgery, the wavelengths 980 nm and 1470 nm can be combined with each other. Thus, their advantages (excellent hemostasis and optimized cutting and vaporization properties) are used simultaneously and a dry, smooth and, above all, dense resection surface is achieved.

The high ablation rates caused by the combination of the two wavelengths with simultaneously a low and elastic coagulation zone minimise intra- and postoperative side effects and the outflow rate considerably, even in lung and tumor tissues. As a result, postoperative drainage can generally be removed earlier than usual. Another major advantage of the tissue-conserving LEONARDO® laser therapy of biolitec® is that multiple, deep and centrally located tumors and metastases can be treated.

With the LEONARDO® diode laser system, the user receives a tool that can be used multidisciplinary for a variety of surgical applications. It is easy to set up (e.g. no additional external cooling or high voltage is required), safe, user-friendly and features low maintenance costs. Further information is available at ( Visit us also from 31 May – 3 June 2020 at our booth no. 6 at the 28th ESTS (European Society of Thoracic Surgeons) Meeting in The Hague.