If you are planning to start an Italian restaurant or already running one, you should know about the various best Italian dishes. You can also contact Italian Food service suppliers to get more help.


Risotto is one of the typical Italian dishes less known to most. It is a delicious meal, made with rice and creamy. Its elaboration starts from special rice for risottos that can absorb much more liquid than conventional rice, and so that it is in its point, it requires special care and attention.

It should not be rinsed, boiled, or drained since washing removes much of the starch that provides a creamy texture.

For Risotto, rice is first cooked in a stir-fried onion and butter or olive oil, so each grain is covered with fat. White wine is added so that the beans absorb it and must be constantly moved.

Also, cheeses and creams can be added for better consistency which you will get it from Italian Frozen food Suppliers.


In Italy, there is something for everyone, it’s not just bread and pasta. Carpaccio is one of the typical Italian dishes based on raw meat, which is finely cut and usually used as an appetizer. It is very tasty, although you must be careful since being raw meat can be more exposed to a disease. Get it from Authentic Italian suppliers.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina:

This food is what is commonly known as steak, specifically beef. It is a typical Tuscan meal and stands out for its great thickness and an exclusive grill with charcoal embers.

This causes the meat to dry during cooking and make the inner part rawer. Cooking is 4 minutes on each side, of course, you should also take into account the power of the grill. As a condiment, salt and pepper are used and usually accompanied by a good glass of wine. You can get it from Italian Salami Suppliers.


Another of the typical dishes of Italy that you have surely eaten is Tiramisu. How do you know, it is a cold dessert made up of different layers. While its base can be made from sponge cake or biscuits moistened with coffee, it contains a cream based on eggs, sugar and cocoa powder.

Panna Cotta:

This is one of the typical dishes of Italy that you can buy it from Italian Food companies. It is a dessert made from cream of milk, sugar, and jelly, which is usually decorated with fruit jam.