If you want to Buy Persian Rugs, and if you want to know whether it is authentic or not, only a professional can determine, its a carpet is authentic. It’s true, and the professional is you if it takes about 3 minutes of your time.

In fact, there are a number of simple ways to check for Antique Persian rugs.

Is the carpet knotted by hand?

Each authentic oriental rug is a unique piece, if you look for mistakes, you will surely find them.

In the first place, it is necessary to determine, if it is a carpet tied by hand or by machine. There are three ways to detect with certainty, what kind of carpet it is.

A machine knotted carpet has stitched stripes:

Turn a part of the carpet, so that you can take a good look, at the back, at the knots at the edge of the stripes. Pull an individual strip. Look at the knots that are on the same line with this strip. Do they move, if you pull this strip? If so, it means that the stripes are not sewn and that the same weft that passes through the carpet is forming the stripes.

A machine knotted carpet is free of imperfections:

Turn the carpet over and get comfortable on the back of the carpet. Look for a pattern that is repeated in two different parts of the carpet. Compare a row of knots and notice possible differences.

If the knots have different sizes, or if there are even errors in the sequence of colors, it is evident that it is a handmade work, which is always prone to errors, due to the immense number of knots.

A machine knotted carpet has no size variations:

Take a tape measure the width in different places. A hand-knotted carpet shows clear differences in the millimeter range.

Where does the carpet come from?

Since countries with a tradition of knotting carpets always guarantee a standard that promises the advantages of a genuine carpet, it is especially important to look at the country of origin. This always has to be specified on a carpet put up for sale, since you can only compare rugs originating in the same region. It is always advisable to buy it from the Authentic Persian Rugs Store.

However, it is important to emphasize that in the case of most of the copied carpets it is also a manual work done with great dedication, with equally complicated patterns and sometimes very interesting variations of patterns.

Only sometimes the advantages of an authentic carpet are not presented due to the inferior quality of the material and a simpler knotting technique. At buypersianrugs.com, we are a leading and Best Oriental Rugs Store. You can count on our collection.