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Australia: Now, get a range of amazing portable rebar benders at RAPIDTOOL. RAPIDTOOL, Australia’s prominent supplier of Rebar Tying Machines, Benders and Cutters, now offers high-quality portable rebar benders for sale. These portable rebar benders are designed to deliver a killer combination of performance and portability.
Portable rebar benders offered by RAPIDTOOL are excellent in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. They put every rebar bender through a series of stringent performance evaluations and assessments. Each rebar bender is verified on the grounds of demanding working conditions to ensure that only the most reliable and the toughest product becomes a part of their catalogue. RAPIDTOOL offers the following portable rebar benders for sale:
• CRB-32 Industrial 6-32mm Rebar Bender
• CRBC-32 Industrial 6-32mm Rebar Bender and Cutter
• CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender
• CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Bender and Cutter
• ERB-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Bender
All rebar benders offered by RAPIDTOOL are superior in class, capable of performing exact rebar bends and cuts without negotiating on the structure and strength of the metal rods. These portable rebar benders are easy to carry, use and store, making them a completely hassle-free addition to the construction site.
RAPIDTOOL provides efficient and reliable rebar processing equipment to the construction industry. They ensure that they provide only high-quality equipment and good customer service to their clients. Rebar benders, cutters and tying machines offered by RAPIDTOOL promote health and safety on the job site.
Check out the various portable rebar benders on RAPIDTOOL today. Visit their website for more details. Contact them at toll free 1800 046 778 or send your questions by email to

About the Company:
RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of the reinforcing tools such as rebar cutters, rebar benders and rebar tiers. We provide high quality and innovative concreting construction solutions to the steel fixers (tradesmen who install rebar), concreters, builders, construction companies and concrete pool builders. We have the largest range of portable, electric and hydraulic rebar construction tools in the market. We have a strong, expanding international division and are looking for more reputable power tool distributors to partner with internationally.