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Offering your clients dense and defined eyebrows have never been easier! Learn more about this technique in Microblading training in Los Angeles which is one of the most innovative in beauty treatments.

Since 2017, microblading has established itself as one of the most demanded techniques for the design of hair-to-hair eyebrows.

The success of this technique is mainly due to its adaptability to all types of eyebrows, but also thanks to the durability and excellent results it provides.

All this has characterized the technique of microblading as an excellent job opportunity.

What is microblading?

This technique is the latest in semi-permanent makeup, a new beauty treatment that allows you to wear perfect eyebrows in just 1 hour.

Microblading simulates real hair, both its thickness and its shape and color so that each hair is taken one by one to give a natural effect.

During the process, a pencil and a special needle are used. These instruments deposit the pigment on the dermis, it does not spread it like micropigmentation and filling the eyebrows.

Like micropigmentation, the professional must be very detailed to deliver a meticulous and natural result.

Microblading vs micropigmentation:

These two techniques have the same purpose: to improve the appearance of the eyebrows, but what makes them different are the instruments used.

Micropigmentation is done with a pointed needle to design hair by hair and uses three or five-pointed needles to give density or shading.

This machinery is very similar to the one used to make tattoos, that is, it is a machine that works with electricity.

On the other hand, in the microblading you work with the Tébori, a pen with a blade tip -like a scalpel- so drawing each hair is more natural. When not working with electricity, accuracy depends on the pulse of the professional. Be a professional with Best Permanent Makeup School Biotouch Academy.

Tips for professionals:

More and more professionals are entering this labor field, as they train as the beauty market evolves. As there are so many trained professionals, the greater the competition. However, the wide supply is offset by the progressive increase in demand in recent months.

Remember, to get perfect results you need to train, practice and above all, always be open to continue learning day by day. Do not miss to join Permanent Makeup School in Los Angeles and brighten up your career in this field.