A credit repair lawyer is a tough thing to find. Almost all credit repair companies are not competent in the laws that regulate credit reporting and are non lawyers. Credit repair companies also offer no benefit because they do the same thing that you can do yourself. If you have an item on your report that is wrong, inaccurate, disputed, or not yours then you can file a written dispute to the credit reporting bureaus. There are three major credit reporting bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Once you have identified what is inaccurate on your credit report you need to write a detailed dispute letter to the credit bureaus and tell them how that item is inaccurate or incorrect. Including proof of the inaccuracy or a police report is also a must. Make sure you also save copies of everything you send to the bureaus and all bureaus responses back to you. After thirty days the credit bureaus must respond to you on the status of the account. If they do not respond within thirty days or can not verify the item as accurate they must delete the item. Sadly, they do not always delete the negative item.

This is essentially what a credit repair company does. They send multiple disputes to the credit bureaus and hope they do not respond. The companies do not include any thing specific on your disputes and send frivolous or boilerplate disputes, which can actually hurt you in the credit repair process. If you wish to do credit repair then you can write the letters yourself and literally save yourself several hundred dollars in the process.

After you have written several letters to the credit bureaus and they have not removed or fixed the negative item, then it is time to find a credit repair lawyer. A credit repair lawyer will then sue the credit bureaus or furnishers and seek to get the item deleted or corrected. If a lawyer files suit on your behalf you could be entitled to compensation from the bureaus depending on how bad the inaccuracy was and how much it hurt your credit. For example, if you got foreclosed on because you could not refinance your house because of inaccuracy is a much better case then having something inaccurate that does not hurt you credit at all. Contact us today to explore how our services work. Get a FREE consultation today!