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Free web hosting services contain their name in your site’s unique domain name. For WordPress and Bloggers, your website or blog looks like this: or This may reduce your credibility as a business for picky potential clients. Whereas, paid hosting allows you to use your domain name without the external site name.

Some paid hosting services also provide a
free domain namewith their hosting package.

Your free hosted website has a bombardment of advertisements that bring in revenue for your host. You haven’t any control over the banners and pop-ups and users are irritated and confused by them. The web page that has been carefully designed is blemished by these ads. In paid hosting, you have access to put the ads you want on your site.

Speed is one of the viable factors when it comes to characteristics of the website. The attention of internet user duration is enormously short and 40 percent of them will leave a slow-loading website. If you have a business website and your site is hosted on a shared server using free web hosts, you will start losing customers to the competitor who’s on virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server. Investing in a paid web hosting service will pay off nicely in the increment of page load speed.

It is possible to build your website on both free and paid hosting services so you don’t need to pay a web developer to create one for you. In free web hosting, you will have to settle with basic attributes that still deliver functionality. The paid web hosting provides a plan that has customized options and advanced features to give your site a professional and unique look.

The free web hosting provides lower band-with and restricted disk space for their users. Videos, podcasts and images will take up a lot of space; hence, your upload can only be as many as the free hosting service allows. But if you are paying for a paid web host plan, it will offer you unlimited disk space and bandwidth and much more.

Security is an important concern when it comes to the website, and this is where SSL certificates take place. Free web hosting services also provide SSL certificate, and with the limited budget make the website very attractive. But this security is not up to the mark, cyber criminals can easily access the sensitive information of your customer. If you are the owner of an E-commerce business, your customer’s credit card information can easily be accessed. While, web hosts for which you are paying have a high level of security for their customer.

In conclusion, we will recommend that those who are beginners in web development or want to give a try to make a trial website can use free web hosting. But when the individual decides to go for professional level, they must use paid web hosting. Because this little investment can achieve the targeted customers for their website and the security feature will help to restrict cyber criminals to access their information.