Seminole marine is one of the best DIY boatyards in Palm Beach. It is the first DIY boatyard service provider in Florida. The yard is situated in Intracoastal Waterway; from there you can easily get into Deep Ocean within minutes. The boatyard provides affordable and effective services to all types of customers. They provide full freedom to the customers on selecting the contractor that they want to work with. Their pricing range is very simple and cost-effective for all types of services.

Boatyard Services:

The boatyard offers various useful services that include haul and launch, pressure washing and blocking. While starting the repairing work on the vessel the boat has to be hauled in a correct position. Hauling is defined as the process of carefully lifting your boat from the water area to land and placing it in the correct place. Launching is the opposite process of sending back your vessel into the water after finishing all your renovation work. After successfully lifting your vessel from the water you have fit it in a correct position. Placing your vessel in the right position by placing the contact loads with the hull skin is called blocking. Blocking is also an important process while doing repairing works on your vessel. Boats that are made with heavy iron can be placed vertically easily. But it will give rise to a few problems when the whole weight supported on the pads. Both hauling and blocking have to be done carefully concerning the boat outer structure.
Pressure washing is one of the processes to eliminate the dust, dirty materials present at the bottom of the boat with the help of high-pressure sprays. Eliminating these unwanted materials from your vessel will make your vessel work effectively.

Affordable Storage Rates:

Seminole Marine mainly focuses to provide best services at an affordable cost to its customers. They frame the storage rates based on the hull type and number of days to be placed in the boatyard. They also offer various offers based on the weeks your boats to be placed in the yard.

About Seminole Marine:

Seminole Marine is the finest DIY boatyard in Florida. The boatyard price menu is cost-effective and they will not collect any type of hidden fees for their services. Due to their presence in the Intracoastal Waterway, it is the most accessible boatyard in the Palm Beach Gardens. For more information about the boatyard and services please, visit

2208 Idle wild Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-622-7600