business professional communication

If we have a commercial contract that need to be negotiated and signed in a formal occassion,the followings tips we maybe need to pay attention to them.

1.Be wonderful at the beginning

A good start is equal to half the success,so you can’t make mistakes at the beginning.When conducting business communication,the most important thing is to mobilize the appetite of the customer.You can start with his related interests and make him interested,if the clients with our bridge toptic is laboratory dental equipment,then we should prepare if completely.

2. Guide customers step by step

After taking the lead,you will formally enter the link of communication.At this time,you should use the other party’s will as a criterion,analyze the problem from the other party’s standpoint, and provide countermeasures,such as the above toptic of laboratory dental equipment supplies matter.Try not to pull the topic away,and do not let the customer be affected by other ideas Intervention.

3. Concise and give conclusions

Leave the core solution to the end and give the client an “unreasonable reason”. You only have 30 seconds, so you can’t make a long story, otherwise you will waste time without saying it, and often it won’t make sense. After all, business communication is a thing that needs to be done, not a high-level theory. In the actual communication process, everyone can play creatively according to their own actual situation and the actual situation at the time.
Efficiency comes from being proficient. To understand how to communicate in business, you must know the product and company information clearly, so that you can pass on your experience to customers in the shortest time, so as to conduct efficient and high-density business. communication.
In 1952, the well-known American scholars Catlip and Center jointly published the book “Effective Public Relations”
and proposed the “Seven Cs” plan for effective communication. Later, this principle became the communication principle of many companies. The content of the program is as follows:


In order for business communication to proceed smoothly,we must first be clear.No matter who we communicate with,we should express it in concise and understandable language.It is very important not to go around.

2. consistent

Business communication needs to keep its promises.What you say today will remain the same tomorrow without changing the promise so that people can believe what you say and are willing to communicate with you.


To be a person must be honest,and to pass true information to customers,especially in some industries,honesty means life.

4. confident

As a business person,you have to be confident in your own capabilities so that customers can be assured of you.The more confident you are in communicating, the more people will trust you.


When communicating with others, politeness is the best placebo.It can stabilize the other party ’s emotions.For business communication,the other party ’s negative emotions are like a hidden bomb.

6. concise

Sometimes conciseness is the most important,so it is important to speak more meaningful truths, less meaningless nonsense,not to say negative words and empty words,and only to express the core point of view.

7. compassionate

When communicating,keep a generous attitude and let the other party feel warm.Don’t always hit others,but try to encourage them.This will not only make communication between people more effective,but also make people feel good Be grateful to you.

No matter you are new to the workplace or old people who are struggling for years, you should have some points of this knowledge.The truth of the world is always simple,but it is not difficult to do it.In business communication,you need to be careful to avoid entry misunderstanding.