Killeen, TX/2020: Engaging kids in meaningful after-school activities can have an everlasting positive impact on their young minds. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas offer a variety of fun, physically and mentally challenging activities for youngsters that help in shaping their personalities and making them confident individuals. The activities are available for kids aged 6-18 years.

The club was founded in the year 1964 and has eventually grown to over 29 sites spread over 8 communities across Central Texas. The mission of the club is to provide numerous opportunities to children and encourage them to achieve their maximum potential in and out of school. Thus, kids are exposed to an array of activities in a safe environment.

How To Join the Club?

The ‘2019- Annual Youth Membership Application’ form can be filled online by logging on to https://mts.bgctx.or/onlinemembership.aspx/

As per the norms of the club, all applications will expire on 12/31 each year.

Details to be provided in the application form include information about the prospective member (the child), information about the primary guardian and secondary guardian, household details, emergency contacts, health information etc.

Member Information: Date of birth, current school, whether the child has been doing part-time, summer or seasonal work for the past 12 months, etc.

Primary And Secondary Guardian Information: Relationship with the child, address, phone number, job details, marital status, etc.

Household Information: Household development, household name, head of household, age and number of siblings, total number of members, address, zip code, etc.

Emergency Contacts: Name, gender and relation to child.

Health Information: Accident insurance, medications that a child is taking, name of the hospital or doctor being consulted, special health issues, etc.

The parents may also review permission for activities like swimming and access to the club computer equipment and internet use in the application form.

For more information about joining the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, feel free to call at (254)699-5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX-76541. You can also log on to