Ladies and gentlemen! Odds are, each and every single one of you would like to have a good stretch.

but you are unable to find the time to go to the gym or to attend the specializes training sessions. Do keep in mind though – we do live in a world of modern technologies! You can just relax, there is no need to go to a coach, said coach will come to you. Well, not in a literal sense. All you need is internet access on any of the gadgets you have and Skype:

 The benefit of stretching and developing body flexibility

First of all, you need to learn about the benefits of stretching:

 It covers all the most important areas of your body.
– Flexibility exercises will alleviate muscle strain. Human body is mostly very strained and it needs to have the chance to relax.
– After some stretching exercises, you are going to sleep better, experience a surge of energy and productive brain activity.
– Stretching also facilitates better balance, which will make you gait more elegant and will straighten your posture.
– Training speeds up your metabolism. Great metabolism is essential for a healthy and slim body.
– Thanks to these exercises, you skin will become more elastic. 
– Stretching helps in getting rid of the unwanted pounds and makes your body more beautiful.

 All of this and much more, since not all of the benefits are presented here, you can experience on your own. To get such results, you do not need to leave the comfort of your house. It will be difficult not to find any time to exercise with such conveniences.

 Coaching stretching online

Vyacheslav Komakha offers training based on the methodology of Moukhtar Gusengadgiev – the most flexible man on the planet, circus and movie star. Vyacheslav is doing stretching since 2009. His teacher, Moukhtar, considers that flexibility is the key to happiness. After all, flexibility allows the energy to flow through the entire body. Physical restraint is on a par with complexity, and physical emancipation allows the body to “fly” and relieves of any stiffness. Corporal looseness and emancipation – is one of the signs of psychological health.
By the way, at times Vyacheslav is conducting his famous training sessions, as he himself says, for the adult and inflexible people. His training is called “Corporal flexibility – myths and secrets”.
Contact info:
Contact Person: Komakha Slava
Adress: Ukraine, Kiev, Gylyanskaya street, 97,
Phone: +380502290291