When you have a small home business, free classified ads are a great tool to use. For one thing, it’s easy on your budget, which is a big deal for most small business owners. For another, most of these free classified ads are easy to access (another plus). The key is to find the ones that will work the best for you and your business.

How to Prepare

There are some things you need to think about before you even place an ad, whether it’s free or not. You need to have a registered business name and a business license so that your business is a legitimate entity. If a potential customer or client wants to verify your business, they should be able to find it registered under the city, county or state where your business is located.

You also need to have a catch phrase or a simple description of your business that you include as part of the ads you place. This will allow potential customers or clients who see your ad to know exactly what your business has to offer. If it’s descriptive, you might even use a copy of your business card as the ad itself.

Find the Classifieds that Match Your Product or Service

The biggest way to utilize free classified ads to your business’ advantage is to make sure the classifieds you choose actually match with the customers you want to reach. For instance, you don’t want to place a free ad in a car magazine if you sell brand name hand bags. It doesn’t matter if the classified ad is free; you most likely won’t find new customers in that particular market.

Know When to Use Internet Advertising

There are tons of places you can try, for free marketing on the web. And, it’s always a great idea to place general business ads just to get your business name out there. However, to fully use classified ads to your business advantage, there are certain times to use certain ads.

For instance, people that have mortgage and rent payments usually have to make those payments at the beginning of the month. Therefore, its smart business to create a free Internet ad with a discount or a coupon attached to it during the first week of the month. People love a bargain, particularly during lean times.

Include the Right Information

Along with a clever tag line or descriptive phrase, you should also include in your free classified ad your contact information. This doesn’t just mean the typical phone number and PO Box; it means to include a link back to your own website whenever you possibly can. The more potential clients or customers you can get to peruse your business website, the better for your business.

Internet advertising is a smart way to boost business if you are smart about how you use it. It doesn’t take much effort to create new business and increase your income.

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