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Today, data is the most valuable commodity and is likely to increase in value. The best part about cloud-based services is access to security systems. Despite this, multiple data breaches and leaks occur every day. You can’t even blame your network solutions in Indianapolis for this!

The most obvious question is: Who is responsible for such incidents?

The fact is that almost every enterprise has access to various cloud-based applications and services.

According to a survey, there are about 90% of organizations using some of the other cloud-based services. It makes it more complicated to manage business and employee data. We cannot forget the rapid increase of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions that may add to the complexity levels.

Stay with us as we bring to you four significant cloud security challenges that can hinder your business.

#1: Lack of control

The advantage of these technologies is that the customer doesn’t have to manage the resources. Several cloud service providers (CSP) take on the responsibility of maintaining the hardware, software, networking, etc. and the companies overlook the security measures that are taken to safeguard the cloud platforms.

By doing this, you are putting your company applications, encryption, customer data, and network configuration at risk.

It’s advisable to split the job such that both the parties get involved and are aware of their roles in keeping the business safe.

#2: Your cloud-based services may not adhere with your industry regulations

Industries need to meet the special regulatory compliance requirements to avoid fines, censures, and other penalties that are bound to hamper the growth of your business.

You need to be careful while incorporating a cloud-based service such that it meets with the industry-required regulatory standards. Rely on a network solution in Indianapolis that fulfills all your needs.

It’s essential to verify and check with your agencies if it’s ready to be compliant. Study your industry requirements and see if your CSP meets them.

#3: Data privacy can be at stake

One of the reasons for cyberattacks is human error. Your employees should be trained to understand and detect malicious activities. A data breach can make you bankrupt by burdening your company with fines and lawsuits.

You need to have strong cloud security to enable the safe transfer of sensitive data. Don’t forget that even with strong cloud security, moving data can lead to a violation of data privacy agreement. As a result, you are left with hefty fines, frustrated customers, and business restrictions.

#4: Hybrid IT solutions can be dangerous

Hybrid IT environments can be challenging while securing various cloud environments. If you have hybrid digital infrastructures, then you should have the visibility and control over your cloud-based solutions along with cohesive policies and processes.

The ultimate solution!

All you need is a managed security service provider that tackles all the above challenges and ensures proactive cybersecurity systems.

Choose an expert who will help to integrate platforms and tools, decrease operational complexities, and keep their promise to safeguard your digital infrastructure.

Corporate Network Services (CNS) is your answer to all network-related woes. We deliver affordable IT managed services to ensure all your business needs are fulfilled. Contact us to acquire the best network solutions in Indianapolis!

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