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Los Angeles, CA— 2/25/2020 — Robert Boog a local real estate agent has found what he claims may be a surprising twist in the Shakespeare authorship question and might evenprove William Shakespeare is guilty of plagiarizing the works of another author.

“The word *plagiarize* means to take credit for another author’s works,” claims Boog,“and because Shakespeare lied and covered up his theft, he would actually be charged with two crimes: plagiarism and fraud. Most people don’t want to believe this because his name is found on the title page, right? In addition, Shakespeare acted in many of the plays. But that still doesn’t mean he didn’t commit literary theft. My e-book, ‘Hang Shakespeare’ explains it all.”

However, Shakespeare experts are quick todismiss Boog’s claims.“There is plenty of proof Shakespeare wrote his plays,” said one expert. “His contemporaries say so. Therefore, if what Mr. Boog says is true, he should show us the proof and let us judge it with our own eyes because most likely it is bogus or there is nothing there.”

Boog insists that he welcomes public inspection. “It’s funny, one day, I opened the First Folio and after looking at it for a couple of minutes discovered a hidden message from the poet Ben Jonson. It’s really Ben Jonson who tells usto ‘Hang Shakespeare’. Why? He considered the man from Stratford-upon-Avon a thief who did NOT create the poems, plays and sonnets that we normally attribute to William Shakespeare. I found further collaborating evidence in the Sonnets too.”

Why this discovery now? Boogclaims the proof has been there all along but it has been over-looked due to what he calls Shakespeare’s, “Grandma Jones defense”.
“The Grandma Jones Defense goes like this,” Boog explains, “Molly wants to cook a ham for Easter and her sister tells her, ‘You have to cut two inches from each side of the ham.’ Why? ‘Because that’s how Grandma Jones always did it’. Molly’s mother arrives. ‘Remember to cut two inches off each side of the ham, Molly.’ Why? ‘Because that’s the way Grandma Jones always did it.’ Grandma Jones arrives so Molly asks her, ‘Grandma Jones, why did you cut two inches off each side of the ham?’ Grandma Jones looks at her and says, ‘Honey, when your grandfather and I first got married, we didn’t have much money. So, I only had one baking pan. I had to cut two inches off each side to fit the ham into my baking pan!’ Likewise, when it comes to Shakespeare, we have accepted him as author for over 300 years, why rock the boat? And to that I say, we teach young students that plagiarism is wrong. What about adults?”

Boog, a real estate agent from Los Angeles, claims he stumbled upon the First Folio evidence by accident because he enjoys writing songs and solving Sudoku puzzles as a hobby.
“I was staring at the First Folio and one word called to me. It was the word, “drawne”. I wondered to myself, why wasn’t the word “draw’de” used? “Draw’de is a Renaissance word. It’s Scottish and means the same thing as “drawne”. That’s when I stopped in my track. Wait, “drawde” is an anagram for “Edward”, and didn’t both Mark Twain and Sigmund Freud believe that Edward DeVere was the “real” Shakespeare?

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