The Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to visit. Trips from Las Vegas put in easy reach for many travelers.

5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year. If you are in Vegas and want to take a break from the strip, you can escape for a hike by visiting the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is beautiful, filled with mystery and allure. The National Park is open all year, but many prefer to visit it in the fall or spring. In the winter, snow changes the look of the Park and less people crowd the best parts of it. All things considered, there isn’t really a bad time to visit the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is known as a cultural destination as much as a natural one. Native Americans live there. A trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon provides a lot of excitement. It’s truly an adventure for nature loves, culture aficionados, and history buffs.

Driving from Grand Canyon from Las Vegas
From Las Vegas to the West Rim is about two hours and twenty minutes by car. The route is breathtaking. The drive is relaxing, especially as you cross the Colorado River on a bridge heading into Arizona. You can stop nearby for photos on the bridge. It is a lot of fun. People truly enjoy themselves on the trip.

There are various tours from which to choose. Some are multiday tours. Others are one-day tours. You can go by bus, helicopter, SUV, or hot air balloon. If you want to do a Hummer Tour of the Grand Canyon, that’s definitely doable.

If you are going to be in Las Vegas, consider booking with Big Horn Wild West Tours. This tour company provides tours to the Grand Canyon for those visitors based in Las Vegas. Travelers arrive in style in Hummer H2s. The perfect getaway is within easy reach.

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