Nurses are the heart of healthcare!
IHHC’s well-trained nurses are the embodiment of love, companionship, and holistic caregiving. They provide the prefect clinical care at home for the patients in need. Our nurses indeed bridge the gap between the patient, doctor, and the patient’s family.
Obviously, nurses have been an integral part of IHHC through the years. IHHC believes that healthcare professionals are its greatest asset. It has dedicated itself to providing all the educational and training resources its healthcare professionals require, to perform at their best.
In order to provide patients with the advantage of recovering amongst their loved ones at home, IHHC provides nurses and caretakers, with different levels of expertise, for the gamut of health care needs including elder care, post-operative care, palliative care, critical care, new born care in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, and Trivandrum. IHHC’s home nursing services provide a patient’s family the satisfaction and assurance that their loved ones receive the perfect care they need. Patients feel more comfortable and safe in the familiar environment of their own home, which in turn leads to reduced anxiety and aids in faster recovery too.
IHHC offers wide-ranging home nursing services including,
 Skilled nursing
 Rehabilitation therapies
 Medical social services and counselling
 Case management
 Home health attendant services
 Parenteral and enteral nutritional therapy
 Behavioral and mental health counselling
 Hospice and palliative care
 Medical equipment rentals
 Wound care
 Urine catheterization
 Feeding tube insertion and changing
 Infusion therapies
 Pain management
 Home safety instructions
Within a short period of time, IHHC has emerged as a trusted partner for providing home nursing services to the people of India by ensuring the delivery of quality and advanced healthcare. And we’re grateful to our nurses who have been the greatest source of support in making this happen.