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Accu, the precision engineering component specialist, has added thousands more products to its extensive range of high-precision components. Accu is a world-renowned specialist in precision screws, washers, spacers, nuts and belt and pulley systems, leadscrews, machine tooling, screwdriver sets and metrology tools.

Due to popular demand, Accu now stocks a larger range of specialist plastic variants of its stainless steel fasteners. The new plastic materials include Polyamide, Nylon and Polyvinylidene (Hexagon Bolts), Nylon (Wing Nuts), Reny (Hexalobular Pan Head Screws) and Polycarbonate (Transparent Hexagon Nuts).

These corrosion resistant plastics are specifically designed to provide additional protection properties for specific applications. This provides our customers with more component options for applications requiring UV protection, electrical insulation, heat resistance or chemical resistance.

Accu’s Hardware category has seen 10 new subcategories which are designed to complement the existing products used by our customers.

New Components For Panel Installations:
Snap Rivets, Blind Rivets as well as corresponding Blind Rivet Guns for fast and convenient panel installations.

New Components For Plumbing, Maintenance And Gas Engineers:
Hose Clamps, O-Rings, End Caps which are specifically designed for hydraulic applications have been added.

New Components For Electronic Hobbyists:
Nuts and bolts, washers and spacers for electrical insulation and fastener caps for a neat finish. The Transparent Polycarbonate Nut is a strong and tough engineering thermoplastic, boasting very good dimensional stability, capable of maintaining rigidity in temperatures up to 140°C. The transparent appearance makes them popular in optical media and electronic applications, particularly where light is required.

New Components For Machine Builders:
Accu now stocks adjustable feet, industrial castor wheels, screw cap covers and hinges. Anti-Backlash Gears have been added to the Precision Gears range and Nord-Lock washers have been added to the Washers and Spacers range. Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers have proven performance as demonstrated in Nord-Lock Group’s Junker Test video, where the products were shown to be effective in accordance with the DIN 65151 standard.

The product expansion follows on from other developments in the ISO-9001 certified business. In April 2019, Accu opened up two new industry 4.0 warehouses and extended its offices and factory to support the launch of AccuPro, a new, unlimited express delivery service, uniquely designed for UK customers to help provide a streamlined supply chain. Increasing the warehouse stocking volume by 350% and having a floor dedicated to the application of coatings, also supports the higher volume in customer orders, which include over half of the top 100 manufacturers worldwide.

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