XLSTAT is pleased to announce its first 2020 release! What’s new?

EASY FIT (XLSTAT Forecasting only)

A smart predictive tool that:

Identifies the appropriate models depending on your data type
Performs a comparison of the fitted models
Makes predictions of new observations

Discover this feaure under the XLSTAT.ai menu.

ANOVA (available in all XLSTAT solutions)

Our algorithm was optimized leading to a significant decrease in computational time. Run an ANOVA on large data sets including post hoc tests in just a few seconds. In addition, the Restricted ANOVA has been implemented. This model is useful when we have an interaction between a fixed factor and a random factor and assume that the sum of the interaction effects on the levels of the fixed factor is zero. This feature is accessible under the Modeling data menu.

RANDOM FORESTS (available in all XLSTAT solutions except Basic)

It is now possible the split your data set into a training and a validation sample in order to confirm the fitted model. Available under the Machine learning menu.

TESTS ON CONTINGENCY TABLES (available in all XLSTAT solutions)

The p-values of Fisher’s exact test of independence are now displayed per cell of the contingency table. Available under the Association tests menu.

FREE SORTING DATA ANALYSIS (available in XLSTAT Sensory and Premium)

Free Sorting tests are commonly used for the sensory characterization of products. Data obtained from such studies can be analyzed using our new feature with methods such as STATIS, MCA and CA. Access this feature under the Sensory data analysis menu.

TAGUCHI DESIGNS (available in XLSTAT Quality, Life Sciences & Premium)

Dynamic designs have been added to allow users to determine the best levels of control factors in order to improve the relationship between signal factors and output responses. A new option for adding interactions to the model is also available. This feature is available under the Designs of Experiments menu.


Automatically back-up your XLSTAT analyses and load previously saved files. This new tool is still in beta testing and is only available for Windows. Discover it under the Tools XLSTAT menu.

How to get XLSTAT 2020.1?

Version 2020.1 will provide you access to improvements, advanced options and increase the performance of your software. If you are currently using our trial version or if you have a valid license, you can download this version for free.

Windows: http://www.xlstat.com/xlstat.exe
Mac: http://www.xlstat.com/xlstat.dmg

If you have a perpetual license without access to free upgrades and maintenance, please order an upgrade via the My XLSTAT portal or contact us for further information. Find more at https://www.xlstat.com/en/solutions .