This press release is to announce the presence a local commercial company, JB Cleaning.

Supervisors and managers are often charged with the responsibility of hiring a cleaning company. This occurs across many industries; all types of businesses require professional commercial cleaning at some point or another. If you’re not cleaning your office, then who is? Or is dust piling up? Clean out those cobwebs today. You can’t have clients see your office in that condition.

You need to maintain sanitary conditions in your office. Whether you need the best commercial cleaning in Houston, or some other type of assistance, a sanitation check is in order. Make sure that your bathroom is clean and that there is a plan to keep it that way. You need to make a good impression with your facility.

The level of experience require for trained professionals is high at our company. We don’t send out untrained staff like some bargain companies do. We believe that experience matters; that is why every member of our team upholds the value of professionalism at every corner. Our cleaning team is experienced and friendly.

We offer a variety of cleaning services. Check out our webpage for more information:

Contact us:

J&B Professional Cleaning Service LLC
903 Hodgkins St., Ste. 104. Houston, TX 77032
Office: (281) 405-0333
Fax: (281) 272-8523