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New City, New York (webnewswire) February 25, 2020 – With over 90 years of business heritage, The Coyle Group, the leading insurance broker in New York City, focuses on protecting and enhancing your enterprise value. They are the pioneer in what they do and concentrate solely on the business market place.

When asked about this, “We don’t play by the flawed rules of shopping the market for the lowest price which most brokers subscribe to. We’ve turned the traditional buying process, and focuses on the risks and challenges that are showing up in any business endeavor,” said the spokesperson of The Coyle Group, the leading provider of commercial property insurance in New York.

They are the experts in providing the right insurance products and risk management services to control risk. The experts at The Coyle Group, the leading insurance broker in New York City, aims at long term cost reduction, better protection, and improved productivity. They do not rush you on decision making based on the bottom line price.

The spokesperson of The Coyle Group, the provider of retail business insurance in New York, neatly explained the reason why they created a Strategic Risk Process, “Most business owners have much of their net worth invested in their businesses. The lowest price sales process deployed by most brokers puts the client, their livelihood, their net worth, and their futures at risk.”

He also continued, “We take this responsibility very seriously, and frankly, the commoditization of business insurance really frustrated us, so we vowed to change that. It became our reason for creating a unique process that does more than shop the marketplace for price.”

The 360 Solution, powered by The Coyle Group, who advises on the manufacturers insurance in New City NY, is created to leverage expertise, resources, and technology capabilities to maximize outcomes for clients from various niches. It includes CompControl 360,, HedgeFund-360, VCap-360, CyberRisk-360, PE-360, and Technology-360.

“Gordon goes beyond just being our insurance broker, but is truly a trusted advisor in our opinion. We know we can tap into his knowledge as well as his rolodex to help our business grow and succeed,” commented Michael Soltoff, CEO of Eggersmann USA, one of their happy clients.

About The Coyle Group:

Since its incorporation in 1929, The Coyle Group provides strategic risk process management for businesses to enhance their enterprise value. Visit for more information.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Gordon Coyle
30 South Main Street,
New City, NY,
USA – 10956
Phone Number: 845-634-3606