Modern style, innovative technologies and attractive pricing – with the R-D111, RADICAL ( now has a 1-DIN infotainer in its product range. The R-D111 (retail price 379 euros) is a well equipped media center with a very large 10.1″/25.7 cm touchscreen, DAB+ and FM tuner, three USB ports and a versatile Bluetooth unit. Designed as an open Android system, RADICAL’s new infotainer also enables comfortable use of a mobile phone in the car thereby bringing app diversity into the cockpit

Like every RADICAL system, the R-D111 stands for comprehensive integration of smartphone and head unit. The infotainer uses an open operating system based on Android 9.0 so that it is possible to directly install Android apps on the device.
Any apps you want to use in the car, including sat nav apps, can simply be transferred via a USB connection to the R-D111 using the preinstalled APK installer, and then controlled from the touchscreen. This enables you to expand the functionality of the RADICAL device almost endlessly, and tailor it optimally to your needs.
The R-D111 has a very powerful 1.3 GHz quad core CPU, 2 GB main memory and 16 GB flash memory so that apps and background processes run smoothly with enough capacity for the installation of apps.

The integrated Wi-Fi module enables you to establish mobile Internet access via a smartphone hotspot. You can then use web-based apps like Spotify or Internet radio in comfort.
The preinstalled EasyConnect app allows an Android smartphone to be mirrored on the
R-D111 using a Wi-Fi or USB connection, and then controlled from the touchscreen of the infotainer. This is an important function for apps where data is to be managed and stored on the smartphone. Apple iPhones are supported by EasyConnect – with the restriction that the mirrored apps have to be operated from the iPhone.

The RADICAL device systematically combines the new smartphone app Media World and the functions of a conventional head unit in one device. Clear radio reception is ensured by the integrated DAB+ tuner, that impresses with numerous comfort functions like MOT Slideshow, Station List and DLS Text. A high-performance FM RDS tuner completes the radio outfit. For A/V playback there are three USB ports available. Close to all data formats in use today are supported, incl. 24 Bit FLAC audio files.
The modern Bluetooth unit enables wireless A2DP music streaming as well as no-stress hands-free calling together with pairing and synchronization, comfortable contact management and a practical contact entry search function.

All functions are easy and intuitive to control using the very large capacitive 25.7 cm/10.1″ touchscreen. With large icons and clear menus, the user interface enables safe operation while driving. The brightness and life-like color rendering of the high resolution display (1024 x 600 pixels), its crystal clear transparency and the high contrast ratio ensure good readability even in difficult light conditions.